Le Hotel is a modern musical set in the red light littered district of Pigalle, Paris.

Where our Hero, Jimmy and his band the Vette’s find themselves after his brother Brucey, former security guard and now Promoter screws up the bands booking.


Instead of the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo where Jimmy and the Boys thought they would be playing for a President at the world famous Hotel de Paris.


It’s the decadence and debauchery of Quatier Pigalle’s one and only “Le Hotel”


Mayhem ensues as the boys literally have to play for their lives. Things definitely haven’t gone as planned, but the best things never do.


Tito, Le Hotel’s charming, tyrannical owner warns Jimmy to stay away from his crown jewel “Sophia”. The girl who can break your heart with one look.


Will Jimmy get the girl, and save the day, while singing and dancing and rocking Le Hotel to it’s core. Or will he end up wearing cement tap shoes at the bottom of the Seine.


 Anything is possible at Le hotel... Gangsters, riff raff and Ladies of the night along with 11 of the world’s greatest performers and five “killer” musicians. You’ll be titillated and tempted you may never want to checkout.



“Le Hotel” Le Hell Yeah!!!”